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21 March 2005

Wrote some "Nettle"

They were rarely together without getting into an argument. Usually about Jeremy's refusal to fuck Rory in the ass. They had found a ritual for making peace.

Rory made the first move. He reached for Jeremy's balls and gave a hard twisting yank. Then he offered up his own. Jeremy snapped Rory's wullie with his finger, again and again, as it quickly swelled and stiffened. Rory found this torture very hard to bear on his stiff meat. Jeremy used it for real punishments, when he was truly angry. Rory would have to apologize. On his knees.

But Jeremy stopped before the pain became too much, and began to stroke instead. Rory held his hands out, left wrist in his right hand, a sign of his promise not to mastrubate - he continued to say "mastrubate" to tease Jeremy - or do anything to take his own pleasure. His body belonged to Jeremy to work his magic, and he would not climax until Jeremy brought him to it. He was not allowed to ask for things, but Jeremy always knew what to do. But all the same he held his breath, hoping Jeremy would guess right.

"Do you want a spanking, Rory."

Rory beathed again. "If ye will gi'e me one, Love."

Jeremy undressed for it. His fishing clothes were already dirty, but all the same Jeremy wasn't going to roll on the ground unless he was naked. When he was in the skud he found a place to sit with his back against the holly trunk. Rory noticed that he didn't pick the smoothest place to sit, but planted his bottom on jagged roots. Rory stretched across his lap, and waited. Jeremy didna start spanking right away. Waiting, Rory found he felt like talking.

"Jeremy, ye won't let me bring ye to a climax. But ye do think about us, together, when ye mastrubate afterwards? A' times ye ha'e seen me i' the skuddy an ye dinna e'en get hard. How d' ye think that makes me feel?"

"I love you, Master of Houn Fell."

"Tha's no wha' I'm askin' Do ye get pleasure fro my naked body? When ye tak yer pleasure, de ye think abou' my cock?"

Jeremy didn't answer.

"I mind ye say ta me, that fer ye, wanking was only tha' last ha'-second o' pleasure. Is no like that fer me. No when it's ye is doing it. Is so much pleasure I canna thole it. Fro' the verr first touch o' yer fingertips. How is it for ye, when ye do it, thinkin o' me? Only thon last ha'-second?"

Jeremy said nothing.

"And ye no ha'e yer mither ta gi'e ye a skelping. If you won't let me mastrubate you, won't let me have yer wullie in my arse, at least let me spelp ye."

"I can't pay you to give me a spanking, when I enjoy it so much. There's no point in you going on about it. I won't buy pleasure from you, and that's final. I only want to give you pleasure. Master."

"My pleasure is, Slave, that ye tell me what it is like when ye mastrubate. Do ye think o' me?"


Now what? I need to get Rory to Glasgow before this thing turns into War and Peace. I want Jeremy to give in. I want him to do something he'll feel guilty about - I want him to be thinking, on the train back to England - "I bought pleasure from Rory, using him as a whore, taking advantage of his extreme need for money. I tried not to, but I gave in to my need." (only I hope I can write it better than that). I need that set-up for the war scene.


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