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31 July 2005

Recent RASA Favorites

Top category:
Buying Trouble by Layna Ayre Andersen recommended by Dusk Peterson ( Dusk's website Master/Other )

The seige of Zamora, by Alphonso the Wise, in The Chronicle of the Cid, translated and compiled by Robert Southey - book II section XXIII through book III section XI

A Lost Opportunity by Leo Tolstoi (search on "LOST OPPORTUNITY") from project Gutenberg

Lowest category:

Redemption day - part 1 by The Archivist on story site e-story

One Perfect Season by LadyJackyl on her website

Too Unfinished category:

My Foe My fancy by Kaguyahime

sorry if some of those are duplicates - I need to start keeping track of when a story hits the list. Davo


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